Harris County Department of Education | Case Study | Versa

Harris County Department of Education

The Challenge

The Harris County Department of Education provides school districts in Harris County with a wide array of educational programs and services. With tax season on the horizon, HCDE needed taxpayers to understand the value and impact they had on the community in an effort to benefit their cause in the upcoming election.

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The Objective

The Versa Creative team was tasked with developing a comprehensive marketing campaign that displayed the importance of HCDE while also informing taxpayers of its low homeowner’s tax rate in Harris County. The campaign also needed to bring awareness to the organization’s wide range of services, giving the general public a better understanding of what HCDE is and their value to the community.

The Results

Together our team produced an integrated digital and traditional campaign across numerous communication channels, including video production and animation, web design, pay per click, social media, billboards, and print assets. An animated explainer video served as the centerpiece of the campaign, giving audiences insight into the organization in an engaging manner. Along with the campaign tagline “See the your change makes” and a “See the impact” call to action, we were able to successfully convey the value of HCDE to the Greater Houston area and beyond.





91% YOY

Total Reach increase

52% YOY

total Impression Increase

52% YOY

Total Clicks Increase

award winning

In 2020, Versa Creative won one Gold Award and an Honorable Mention from the annual AVA Digital Awards. The Gold Award was received for our explainer video and the Honorable Mention was granted for integrated marketing efforts. Both of these honors were a part of our “See the Change Your Change Makes” campaign.

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