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According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, the first recorded usage of a billboard was in 1835. While many aspects of life have changed in those 150 years, billboards and other outdoor media continue to be a wildly successful way for businesses to raise brand awareness throughout their communities. As a competitive and experienced outdoor advertising agency, our team at Versa Creative knows all the tricks and tips to make your ads pop.

What Is Outdoor Advertising?

Also known as out-of-home advertising, outdoor advertising is the means of reaching audiences when they’re out and about. Simply put, it’s any advertisement that is experienced outside the home. It includes billboards, signage, bus benches, and many other forms of advertising.

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What Are The Benefits?

Even as we move into the digital age, outdoor advertisements continue to be among the most effective ways to reach a target audience. Listed below are some of the many benefits this source of media provides:


    With the right creative team backing you, renting a billboard or kiosk will allow you to reach a large amount of individuals without breaking the bank.


    How do you reach the greatest amount of people possible? By plastering a giant image on a busy highway of course!


    Have you ever seen a billboard a mile before its business? Or a company kiosk outside of the mall several paces before storefront? That wasn’t an accident.

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